Call for Papers – Connecting the Dots: Environment, Migration, Resilience

The nexus of migration and climate change – two of the most important processes of our time – is increasingly becoming the subject of scientific, but also public interest. Apart from questions relating to the causal attribution of the two, the acknowledgement of the complexity of this nexus is growing: Treating migration, environmental (and climate) change and resilience as linked in multi-causal and multi-directional ways opens up the chance for investigating their complex interrelations. This in turn can enable us to address important questions of high social and political relevance, relating for example to the extent and to the mechanisms how migration can contribute to the reduction of vulnerability in general, and to climate change adaptation in particular; or to the conditions and reasons why migration might also have adverse consequences, in social and ecological terms, and in areas of both origin and destination; or, finally, how climate change and development policy can possibly benefit from an integration of the topic of migration.



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