Migration, Employment, and Remittances | Seminar

When: 3 Oct 2016 – 16:00 – 18:00
Where: Regent’s University London (Tuke Common) – Inner Circle Regent’s Park, London, NW1 4NS

Politics in Britain has been misinformed and misled recently. Debates on Brexit referendum were heavily influenced by migration debate as many of the recent elections in the UK. The truth is there are millions of British living abroad and many in the EU while millions of Europeans settled in the UK. Thus a decision on “in” or “out” is not an easy one and likely to remain so despite the outcome of the recent referendum.

The panel will review the major migration challenges globally and in the UK and US. There are perhaps no immediate solutions to migration challenges, only trade offs between competing goods that are often difficult to make explicit. This seminar offers a unique opportunity to interact with leading migration experts.

Migration   challenges for the UK and remittances

Professor Jackline Wahba, Member of the UK Migration   Advisory Committee & Professor, University of Southampton

Jackline Wahba is a Professor of Economics at the   University of Southampton (UK). Her research interests are in Labour and   Development Economics. Her recent work has focused on migration and labour   markets in developing countries, in particular on Return migration;   Remittances; Migrants’ labour market experiences; Labour mobility.

 Global overview and migration   challenges in the US

Professor Philip L. Martin, Director of Gifford Center   Population Studies, Universityof   California-Davis, US

Philip L. Martin is Emeritus Professor at University of   California Davis, Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics. He is   the Editor of Rural Migration News and chairs the UC Comparative Immigration   & Integration Program. His research focuses on economic development,   competition, farm labour, and immigration policy, and he has earned a   reputation as an effective analyst who can develop practical solutions to complex   migration issues.


 Migration discourses and scholarship

Professor Ibrahim Sirkeci, Director of   Regent’s Centre for Transnational Studies, Regent’s University London

Ibrahim Sirkeci is Ria Professor of Transnational Studies   and Marketing and the Director of the Regent’s Centre for Transnational   Studies (RCTS) at Regent’s University London (UK). His main research areas   are human mobility, labour markets, remittances, transnational consumers. He   is the editor of Migration Letters and leading new journal Remittances   Review. He has chaired Turkish Migration Conferences since 2012. His book “Cultures   of Migration” coauthored with J. Cohen was selected Outstanding Academic   Title in the US.

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Source : Migration, Employment, and Remittances | Migrants’ Rights Network (MRN)

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