International Refugee Rights Conference 2018

In June 2018, the Canadian Council for Refugees invites non-governmental organizations and others to attend an international conference in Toronto designed to enhance effectiveness in promoting the human rights of refugees and vulnerable migrants.

When:     7-9 June 2018

Where:    York University, Toronto, Canada

Who:       Representatives of non-governmental organizations (NGOs), academics, government officials, UNHCR representatives, refugees and vulnerable migrants. Special attention will be given to representation from the Global South.

Why:       Refugee advocates, academics and others need to learn from each other and strategize across borders, in order to better meet the evolving needs of refugees. The goal of the conference will be to enhance the effectiveness of NGOs in promoting the human rights of refugees and vulnerable migrants.

What: The conference will provide an opportunity to discuss a wide range of issues facing refugees and other vulnerable migrants.

Objectives of the Conference:

  • To promote ongoing cross-border networking, knowledge-exchange, strategizing and collaboration among NGOs committed to the rights of refugees and vulnerable migrants, and between NGOs and academics.
  • To enhance NGO advocacy for better global protection for refugees and vulnerable migrants, including by giving input into the Global Compacts on refugees and migrants.
  • To enhance efforts to educate and engage the public, in order to energize support for policies respecting the rights of refugees and vulnerable migrants.
  • To increase knowledge of the inter-connections between policies and practices affecting refugees and migrants in different regions of the world.
  • To support the development of NGOs in the Global South committed to the rights of refugees and vulnerable migrants.
  • To support the inclusion of the voices of refugees and vulnerable migrants in discussions concerning them.

Network with Participants from Around the Globe!

The International Refugee Rights Conference will feature a number of speakers from all parts of the world, including South Korea, Tanzania, Argentina, Brazil, Ethiopia, Egypt, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Kenya, Costa Rica, Afghanistan and Ecuador.

Some of our confirmed participants and speakers from around the world are:

  • Janemary Ruhundwa, Asylum Access, Tanzania
  • Valeria Llamas, Red Latinoamericana e Interdisciplinaria de Derechos Humanos (REDLAIDH), Argentina
  • Jirim Kim, GongGam Human Rights Law Foundation, South Korea
  • Dr Wais Aria, Tabish Social Health Organisation, Afghanistan
  • Yiombi Thona, Asia-Pacific Refugee Rights Network, South Korea
  • Elise Chen, Tenaganita, Malaysia
  • Chenyi Roy Njuabe, The Vine Community Services Limited, Hong Kong
  • Fernanda Mendes Bernardes, Compassiva, Brazil
  • Phelix Lore, Haki Centre, Kenya
  • Professor Jeff Crisp, Refugee Studies Centre at Oxford and Chatham House, UK
  • Rachel Levitan, HIAS, USA
  • Julie Kornfeld, International Refugee Assistance Project, USA


Online registration is open.

Información en español

Para información en español, haga clic aquí

About the International Refugee Rights Conference (pamphlet)

Options to contribute financially to the conference, including buying a page in the program: funding options

Conferencia internacional sobre los derechos de los refugiados (information in Spanish)

About the Canadian Council for Refugees (pamphlet)


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